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Tawfik’s technical disciplines in corrosion analysis, construction material characterisation, mechanical testing, physical metallurgy, construction material selection, welding and joining, steel and stainless steel fabrication,  heat/surface  treatments, residual stress analysis, fracture mechanics,  fatigue, material/mechanical failure analysis,  tribology and non-destructive examination encompasses the following service streams :

Our expertise entails the following assets and structures:

 Construction defect investigation of conveyor jetties, wharf and ship loader

Disciplines: Expert witness, welding, fatigue, corrosion, protective coating, failure analysis, metallurgical analysis, NDE, site surveys

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Service streams

Tender, design & construction support, corrosion protection, site survey, durability, material selection, steel fabrication


Material & mechanical failure investigations, root cause analysis, non-conformance performance & incident investigations


Third party review, due diligence,  specifications and conformity testing, compliance audits and site surveys


Expert opinion, dispute resolution, litigation, insurance and financier support in construction material performance and incident investigations

expert witness

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Tawfik publishes news, industry updates,  and analysis concerning construction material performance and safety.


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Materials & forensic engineering.

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Tawfik has conducted investigations for contentious matters pertaining to construction material performance, corrosion protection, steel fabrication, fatigue, fitness for service,  durability, material and mechanical failures, industrial accidents, safety incidents and asset damage.

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