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Engineering failure analysis, materials failure, mechanical failure,  corrosion engineering, materials engineering,  mechanical testing, durability, welding, manufacturing,  mechanical systems, protective coatings, evidence collection, metallurgy, material characterisation and non destructive examination.


Dr David Tawfik is a chartered professional engineer who provides independent failure analysis services for contentious matters entailing construction materials, industrial products, manufacturing and engineering assets.  He has been retained by commercial, legal and insurance entities as an expert witness in litigation and  arbitration proceedings to impartially investigate and opine on matters concerning characterisation and performance of construction materials, product compliance, defective workmanship, component damage and failure of engineering assets.  

Dr Tawfik's applied research and scientific approach has enabled all his clients understand the actual root cause of an incident based on factual evidence and engineering principles in laymen terms.

He has published technical papers and presented at international conferences in welding, metallurgy, residual stresses, non-destructive examination and post weld heat treatments. 

Dr Tawfik serves as an expert witness panel member for the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors to provide impartial advisory and opinion for litigation and dispute resolutions arising from construction, land and property in the Oceania geography. Dr Tawfik was previously appointed as a Court Referee for the Federal Court of Australia in relation to a complex multi-disciplinary construction dispute. He has also prepared a forensic failure expert report  for the International Court of Arbitration (Paris) at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in relation to a multi-national dispute arising from the construction of a major power plant overseas.


Metallurgical Evaluation
Corrosion & Durability
Welding & Joining
Protective Coatings
Material Selection
 Mechanical Testing
Construction Materials


Material Failure Analysis
Mechanical Failure Analysis
Corrosion Failure Analysis
Product Liability
Industrial Accidents
Site Investigations
Damage & Defect Evaluation


Site Inspection & Audits
Owner's Representative
Condition Assessments
Risk Assessments
Material Characterisation
Expert Secondments
Conformity Assessments


Materials Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Failure Analysis 
Corrosion Investigations
Evidence Collection
Research & Data Analysis
Litigation & Insurance Support


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